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'Just Do It'  - Episode

This episode is about how a struggling shoe company called Nike, made a radical shift in their marketing and how their message stumbled upon a deep psychological need, that changed many people's lives.

Two voice roles are required for this episode -

Phil Knight - The co-founder of Nike ( this short role does not have to sound exactly like Phil Knight, but an American accent is essential - for reference -  

Jenny - A female who writes a letter to Nike about how their campaign had changed her life. As Nike is an international brand any accent would be fine. It's vitally important that the reading of the letter is heartfelt, soft and emotionally paced. The musical accompaniment to this reading is provided, to help you find the right mood for this reading.

* The entire script is provided below Phil Knight's role is in blue and Jenny's role is in Red

* A rough cut (audio) of this episode is provided with the above parts temporarily voiced by me (which will be replaced by the successful voice over artist)

These voice overs are not paid, no copyright is applicable. If your voice over is used, then full attribution with backlinks and contact details and headshot will be displayed on our website. A copy of the full episode will be provided to you as a mp3 file for you to share and promote yourself.

Please email all recordings or questions to -


You can re-record as many times as you like and send up to three recordings.

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