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Connection is Love - Pitch

Connection is Love - is a podcast about human connection where the listener generates a strong parasocial relationship with the presenter, who's voice later becomes the voice of a trusted personal AI Agent who assists them in their daily lives and proactively connects them with other people with similar interests and values.

The Problem

In our highly connected world, we are more disconnected than ever. One in four people live alone and the mental health of modern societies is in serious decline. This puts severe stress on government and private health systems, employers and law enforcement, not to mention the sheer amount of human suffering.

World Loneliness Map


GP's Concern for The Future


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Market Opportunity

The market is obviously global with American and many European countries far more desperate for a solution. The UK and Japanese governments actually have ministers for loneliness at cabinet level. Governments and private employers have a vested interest in the health of its people because of the obvious savings that come from a healthy, more productive population.

The focus market segment will be female Millennials because of their established propensity to listen to podcasts, and their growing mental health issues.


There are two main competitor types -

Established Mental Health Services concentrate in treating the problem at the symptomatic level with drugs and psychotherapy - this has proven to be very costly and has had limited success.

Personal Services that offer one to one help and companionship are very effective, but severely resource intensive in their one to one configuration. This model does not scale.

The Business Model

Podcasts can develop strong parasocial relationships and these trusted relationships can be leveraged to help listeners in their daily life paying bills, with every purchase decision potentially attracting an affiliate income.

In short, because Agents and Assistants will be the dominant mode of connecting to the internet in the future, getting between the user and the product purchase just like the banks do with debit/credit cards will embed the Agent into the users lives.


The Mote

In the future there will be many Agents providing services. Trust will be a major factor when consumers choose which agent they want and one that they have an established relationship with, is far more likely to be the agent of choice. The podcast is a tool to build that trust (which should never be compromised) and repeated exposure will build that relationship, further embedding the Agent in their lives making the switching cost too emotionally expensive.


To provide a personal one to one Agent service and companionship is simply not scalable, but recent developments in AI and voice cloning have opened the door for users to chat, ask for assistance and have voice conversations with the 'podcast presenter' in real time at scale. This can develop a deeper relationship over time, further embedding the agent into their lives.

Below is an example of the accuracy of current voice cloning technology which would be used -

Real Voice
AI Generated


Execution will be done in stages to verify assumptions , de-risk and iterate. 

Stage 1- No Investment Needed

Podcast series launches with one new podcast per week ( for 12 weeks) ( preview of this series available on request) Listeners are prompted to communicate with the presenter and all replies will be an audio message from the presenter.

Note: receiving audio messages greatly reinforces the parasocial relationship and enhances 'closeness'.

Stage 2 - Mentoring Needed

Proactive communication with listeners and implementation of future AI functions manually to test their viability eg. doing some research for them on request, purchase advice, polling and general audience research.

Introduction of text to speech replies using presenter's cloned voice.

First 'friendship matchmaking' connections offered by presenter based on knowledge of established listeners.


Stage 3 - Mentoring and Investment Needed

Implementation of AI capabilities -

* Send / Reply messages using AI

* Build associations with real world businesses to enable affiliate type payments when a customer is referred to a company's offering.

NOTE: All communications between AI and the listener are monitored by humans in a hybrid model to ensure that all replies are appropriate and on brand. This monitoring and ongoing correction is called 'Reinforcement Learning" and is the basis of training the AI model.

NOTE : The presenter 'Stephen' must always remain anonymous, so that the listener can imagine in their own mind of who he is. An example of this method was a radio series of the 1950's called Lonesome Gal which became a hit for males across America, because she never revealed who she was and this mystique built a loyal following.

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